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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Violent Lips Review

So I mentioned a few days ago that I had purchased some violent lips from ASOS. I originally wanted to test them out on Valentines Day as they are the hearts lips...but I couldn't wait!!

So here's the packet they came in!

 Very cute, with the picture of the lips I've ordered on the front. Lovely. 

 And here they are just our of the packet!!! :) 

Getting them on though was a might have just been me, but I found them really hard to put on.  They crumpled, they didn't want to stick to my lips properly...

Eventually I got them to work, although they were a bit crooked...

TA DA!!!! I think they are obviously too much for normal wear but a special occasion or photo shoot they are perfect....

Although....I had a quick drink of coke about 10 mins after putting them on and rub my lips together a bit...and then this happened......

 They started to peel off!! and became cracked and broken! I was quite disappointed to be honest. 

But this could be down to my incompetence at putting them as you do get three in a pack....after some practise I might be able to get them to work out properly :) 

I do what to try other colours and haven't been put off by the peeling after drinking aspect. The glittery ones look fab!!!

Toodle Pip!



  1. Not really digging the whole lip tattoos. Anyway nice review!

    1. Yeh i'm not too sure about them any more either....they've really dried my lips out :( xxx

  2. Hey! You have won the 'versatile blog' award xx

  3. Ive written about these once.. look cool..x

    1. thanks :) I can't find your post about them can you send me the link? am now following you also as I love your blog :) xx