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Monday, 6 February 2012

Haul....of sorts ;)

My Boots order came!! I really impressed actually as I only ordered it on Saturday and they said the expected delivery was Thursday. So that's brilliant, thank you!!

As I mentioned before I am going back to being a proper blondie!! So I've ordered my hair colourants and the bits I usually use to take care of my blonde hair. 

Here we go!!! We have Jerome Russell BBlonde Hair lightener for medium to dark brown hair, Nice n Easy in extra light beige blonde, Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo, Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Irons spray and Lee Stafford Poker Straight intensive conditioning treatment. 

Last time I dyed my hair this blonde I did go for more of an ashy colour, so hopefully this one wont look too bad!! I always always use a lightener first, I do have a lot of red in my hair and this takes care of it so my end result isn't gingery or bright yellow. 
I know they tell you not to dye your hair straight after lightening, but I always do and don't have any problems, however if you have sensitive scalp or anything I wouldn't recommend it. It's just something I do. I'll also say the condition of my hair isn't brilliant (I had a major mishap with two bleaches in the plonker I am...I thought my usual method would work in getting my hair blonde again...what I failed to remember is the previous month I'd been to the hairdresser to have it dyed a shocking red....which WILL NOT come out with bleach...colour stripper however did a wonderful job...just wish I'd realised before doing a double bleaching...eeek) so I use an intensive conditioner every time I wash my hair and hot oils every week. 


I was lucky that Lee Stafford were 3 for 2 in boots. I swear by the bleach blonde shampoo, it really evens the tone of your hair so you don't get those horrible yellowy brassy tones. It does sometimes leave your hair a little dry but nothing a conditioner cant fix. I chose the poker straight conditioner as I straighten my hair a lot and need all the help I can get. And as you all know when using hot tools on your hair you MUST MUST MUST use a protective spray. I ran out awhile ago and haven't used it a few times and it's dreadful, its like i hear my hair screaming in protest when I run the straighteners over it!! I really love Lee Stafford products and they are the only thing I will use when I've got blonde hair. They make it look fabulous!!!

So you can probably guess what I'll be doing later. Although I may not have time tonight so I might have to wait until tomorrow....which is annoying as I'm really impatient!

But hopefully it will all run smoothly and I'll be able to show you my new super blonde hair!!!


  1. I love Lee Stafford staff! hope the hair color did turn out right this time?
    xxx Marina

  2. I'm so glad I bought his intensive you will see from my new post...its didnt turn out too well... still onwards and upwards!!! xxxxxxx