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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual

I really like everything Bobbi Brown does. I love her cosmetic line, I love her brushes and I LOVE <3 this book!!!

Firstly it's really eye catching don't you think? Bold and Beautiful!!

I bought it as an extra resource for doing my course and I must say its much better than the actual textbook I was given. 

I also love that it's not solely aimed at those wishing to study make up, it contains the basics so any woman can do their own make up perfectly, know whats suits them, how to apply it properly etc. 

One of my favourite sections is the nutrition section, as we all know beauty and make up all start with good skin and this tells you what foods are good, what things to avoid and how to care properly for your skin, which I am in desperate need of!! 

The first section is really dedicated to the beginner and the basics of make up, the second section is aimed more towards the aspiring make up artist, it shows you how to organise and take care of your kit, what basics you need for your kit, how to break into the industry, what working with certain photographers is like. All really interesting and fundamental things to help you on your way in the make up world!!

I definitely think you should purchase this, whether you're an aspiring make up artist, a full trained and qualified one, someone who hardly wears make up, or just a make up fan. It truly has something for everyone.

Let me tempt you even more by sharing a few pages of the beautiful photos included.....


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  1. I have awarded you the beauty-ful blog award x

  2. Thank you again really appreciate it :) xx