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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Browsing ASOS!!

So I've been browsing ASOS today....the Valhalla of everything fashion and beauty related. 
And it's at time like these I wish I actually played the I could win it and then buy myself all this pretty stuff. 
Unfortunately I have already spent my quota allowed on make up, clothes, shoes and hair for this month (I know, it's only 4 days after payday..but I'd had my eye on few things!) but there is always next payday....made all the sooner by it being February!! 

Here are a few things I've got my eye on for the end of this month!

Passion Platform Peep Toe Court Shoe £22.00

Blazer in Scenic Print £65.00
Colour Block Bow Belt £6.00
Miss Sixty Coloured Skinny Jeans £94

I have a real thing for prints and florals at the moment. And actually just looking at these  bits on here they'd make a pretty nice little outfit, plain white t-shirt underneath the blazer and bobs your uncle! Although I'd probably wait until spring given the current weather (minus 9 last night!)

 I did make a tiny purchase though....(naughty me!)

 Violent lips!!! The temporary lip tattoo! I stumbled across them the other day when ordering supplies for my course and then found their site Violent Lips

Their designs are brilliant and they look fabulous for a night out, they last 4-8 hours and you get 3 in a pack. You can order direct from the website and they do ship internationally. 
I ordered mine from ASOS, they do only have three designs on there though. 

The ones I've ordered (pictured above) are The Red Hearts, part of their Valentines day collection!
Once they're delivered I shall give my full review and hopefully post a little tutorial video (possibly my first) on youtube!

I'm off to cook a fancy roast dinner for my little family now!

Toddle Pip!!




  1. Me encanta Asos!!!

  2. Awhhh I love the baby pink skinny jeans! so cute... great post!
    xxx Marina

    1. aww thank you :) i really like them, have to get my hands on some! although i've found similar ones for cheaper from river island! xxx