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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Helllooooo Wonderfuls!!!!

Hope all the men in your life have treated you to a lovely day!! Although I am firm believer that they should do it 365 days of the year and not just one...tehe!!!

I do love the history behind valentines day though....I'll give you a brief run of the main points if you don't know....

It's apparently (although it might not be solid fact...) that St Valentine was a priest in ancient roman times that preformed the secret marriages of soldiers (who Claudius II had decreed should remain single as married men did not make good soldiers) 

However he was found out and imprisoned, on the evening of his execution wrote the first 'valentines' card, signed from your valentine. 

And so (again apparently) the tradition began.....

Reading all your lovely blogs out there I see a lot of people are doing a Valentines Look! So I've decided to jump on the band waggon and create one of my own :) 

I've not gone down the traditional romantic route....I've decided to go for a look for someone that doesn't care its valentines day and just wants to go out and have fun!!

 To create this look.... I've used Wake Me Up foundation in soft beige by Rimmel London, my eyeko eyeliner from my Glossybox in midnight blue and Maybelline Mono Eyestudio in Black Metal and Silver :) I've also added foundation to my lips to make them nice and neutral to make the eyes pop out even more. 

I've tried to punk up my hair a little... and make it messy :)

Hope you like!

Here are some close ups of my eyes.... one with without..

with flash

without flash

 Toodle Pip!!!


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  1. Lauren, you look beautiful :) And thanks for the Valentine's explanation I was actually wondering today what it is all for, you have saved me a google and now I can read blogs instead lol!! xx