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Saturday, 4 February 2012

The MANY changing styles and colours of my hair!

I'm a little bored this evening and scouring River is just not having the affect I was hoping for (as I'm broke :( pants) so I rummaged through some old and new photos and saw that I have changed my hair A LOT in the last few years. I then decided hmmm I think the readers of my blog should be able to have a look too and see which they think is best for me haha. 

Now I've been dying my hair since I was I'm unsure of what my natural colour sometimes people...your eyebrows don't match (strange but true!) 
When I was very little my hair was white blonde, as I grew older it darken to a more golden colour...and then I decided to dye it dark chocolate brown and thus the dye addiction began. 

I'd also like to point out my hair is naturally curly...not wavy (to achieve this i first straighten then curl slightly with straighteners) full on ringlet curly. 

People often say I'm extremely lucky to have such curly hair. They are wrong. It goes fuzzy in any sort of weather, if you sleep on it or wear a cant have short styles because you look like little orphan Annie. Basically I am less than thrilled at times (not all the time....sometimes I do embrace the curl...) to have curly hair. Which is why ceramic straighteners, especially GHDs, were a godsend. 
I did have some babyliss heat and steam ones eons ago but they were pointless...they just fuzzed my hair even more...and I've always been rubbish at blow drying it straight. So when at 16 my mum bought me my first pair of ceramic straighteners by fudge I became a straightening addict and finely braved having my hair cut short like I had wanted to do for years. 

I must remember to use heat defence spray though....

so here they last few years in hair cuts and colours!!

short and red, pretty recent

Short, curly dark red...don't like this much!

Chocolate brown bob (2007, yes I'm skinny was a size 6 before having my daughter! Now 10-12) 

short and blonde, my birthday last year

long, wavy, brown.. my 21st!

an experiment with extensions

one of my favourites, choc brown bob with flashes of gold in fringe, although cant see that well in the pic

golden/strawberry blonde, wavy again

long,straight, brown, the day time of my21st  
So I hope I haven't bored you too much!!

Toodle pip!


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