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Sunday, 12 February 2012

My MUA course...

So, if you have read the about me section, you will know that I'm currently studying a Make up Artistry course with ICS is order to go on (although quite a bit later, once the little one is at school) and do a degree in Cosmetic Science!

The reason behind wanting to start my road to becoming a cosmetic scientist with a MUA course is this: If I have a prior knowledge or what MUA's and models/cleints etc want from make up, I will be able to create the best products. So this is the first step, an A level in chemistry is next one (I did mine in Art, English, Physics and I didn't technically finish a couple of them so I'm lacking in final grades!) then hopefully some work experience within the make up industry to really get a feel for whats needed, then my degree and masters...and finally working for a top cosmetics company making make up and toiletries everyone needs, wants and loves!!! I received my course materials a few days ago and finally got cracking, I'd thought I'd share a few pics on what you get with the course and my first impressions. :)

 This is the beauty kit bag thingy :) Once its all opened out there really is quite a lot of space so you can fit all your lovely make up for your kit in :) 

This is whats inside, its not the best picture I'll admit...but you get:
Brush Roll complete with 9 brushes
Mask Removing Sponges
3 Natural Sponges
Elasticated Headband
Make up Artists Palette 
Skintruth Skincare set, Moisturiser, Toner, Cleansers, Refiner and Mask
Disposable Lip, Eye, Eyeliner and Mascara Brushes
One Large Spatula and One Small Spatula 

I must say the quality of the brushes in the brush roll is quite poor so I will be purchasing some new ones before I start the actual make up assignments, but everything else seems fine and dandy!! I had a little play about with the skincare kit, just to know how they feel and how they smell and so far so good :) 

I am disappointed with the brushes, but I did plan on buying quite a few more from other brands and things to test out and have for my kit so it's not too bad. 

And of course....the actual  coursework!! 

There are four assignments, the first two are all writing really. But they are still really interesting, learning about the different areas or the industry, the health and safety regulations (as a nerd I do find that interesting) etc. You also get little activities to do and progress checks throughout the assignment. My favourite so far was to research three make up trends since the 1900's. I chose the 20's the 40's and the 80's, you could print off pictures and write notes and add them to scrapbook. These parts aren't actually marked but they do make it more fun, easier to absorb the information and give you a better understanding of the industry. To explain it better, if you were in a classroom environment, these are the tasks you would do on a day to day basis during lessons until the coursework or test at the end of the term :) 

You also get this textbook to help you with various aspects of the course, it also covers other areas of make up. It's ok, the pictures and guides aren't fantastic to be honest and it seems a bit dated. But it does provide some useful info on colour, light etc.

So far I'm finding this course to be great fun, as it is a home study course it does require a lot of discipline, you only get 12 months to complete it, although you can apply for an extension. There are also tutors available to email or call if there is something you don't quite understand or you're really stuck. 

So far I'm finding I really don't have to push myself to get motivated to do the work because I really love it.

I would definitely recommend this course if you can't afford the LARGE prices that some of the London make up schools are charging (up to as you can pay month by month (instalments are about 50 quids) and it is a fully fledged qualification...a BTEC to be precise. 

Ermmm I think I've covered everything....If you do have any questions regarding the course, or are thinking about starting it and want to know more then drop me a line I'm happy to help :)

Toodle Pip!!!!!



  1. Great post :) I hope you don't mind me asking but how much does it actually cost in total to do this course? It's very tempting! xx

    1. Hi, course I don't mind!! In total its £508, and then a £50 fee to edexcel which is the examination board. When you first sign up they take a £40 deposit and then you pay the first installment the following month! hope that helps?! You can also do a web chat with an advisor and they will go through it all with you before hand as well, or call them :) xxxxxxxxxxx