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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pink Nails!!

I'm having a very slow evening....the hubby to be is playing the playstation 3 (sometimes I think he'd rather marry that than me...hehe) the munchkin is all tucked up asleep in I thought I'd have a little me time and give myself a manicure. 

My favourite nail polish colour is definitely pink, I have lots and lots of different pinks, corals, glittery pinks, bright pinks, dark pinks.

Today I decided to go with a shiny metallic pink :) 

 It's called Shocker by Rimmel, the supposedly dry in 60 seconds range. Personally I think no polish can properly dry in that time...not for me anyway, I normally always end up smudging mine :( 

But it dry quite quickly so I was able to start the top coat on one hand after I'd finished the other. For my base and top coat I used the Rimmel 5in1 nail treat, meant to provide; longer, stronger, healthier, moisturised and shiny nails! 

I do really like Rimmel polishes and have several as I love the colour variety and that in most cases you only really need to apply one coat, and can last for a nearly a week with a proper base and top coat!!!

So here's the finished the result.....(oh and I did finish off each nail with a quick splosh of cuticle oil by Sally Hansen) 

So there we go :) that's how I spent some of my evening!! 

Toodle Pip!!