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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Random thought on Make up Magazines...

Just quickly, I know there is Make Up Artist Magazine....but are there any others??

They have an abundance of different magazines devoted to different types of paper craft, knitting, etc but they don't seem to have any devoted purely to cosmetics. 

I for one would love that!! I know fashion magazines do cover a few cosmetics, and have the odd tutorial, but it would be great to have some more magazines completely and utterly about make up, and make up to suit any budget, filled with reviews, tips from make up artists, tutorials, skin and health guides. 

Because as much as I love to read blogs and websites....(it's my book fetish all over again here) there is nothing quite like having that material in print in your hands, with glossy photos and ads to look at as well. And again you can take it with you in the bath!!! haha!

Anyone else think this would be a good idea??

 Toodle Pips!!




  1. Replies
    1. haha i wish....definitely dont have the credit rating or money to start something like that!!! xxxx

  2. the best UK make-up magazine around, I do wish we had the same as america though :/

    1. thank you so so so so much for bringing this into my life!! i am definitely subscribing!!