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Thursday, 9 February 2012

How NOT to dye your hair Blonde.......

Hello peoples......

As some of you may know, I was desperate to get my hair back into that cute blonde bob I had nearly two years ago. 

Unfortunately it was a disaster!! It's my own fault of course...I keep forgetting, that unlike last time I'm not dyeing my natural colour....I'm dyeing the exceptionally bright red that I had out on at the salon late last year. 

Although the colour strip got enough out for me to have was enough to bleach it back to I've ended up with pinky orangey patchy bits haha!!

Well you live and you learn I guess. 

I will say anyone wanting to go from any form of red to blonde, a real light blonde, then pleeeeease go to the hairdressers. Attempting it myself has left my hair incredibly dry and much in fact I am going to have to go for an eflin crop just to get rid of the all dry dull ends. 

I was meant to be growing it for my Wedding later this year, but I'd rather it look healthy and shiny and be short, than look like a huge hay bale!!

So let me share my hair shame with you all! 

Ok so this is the roots. Which don't look too bad....But you can just see the slight orangey bits running through towards the back....

 And this is the back where the most damage is.... you can see the orange much more clearly here and also how dry and straw like it looks :(

 And this is just me trying to pin it to see what an elfin crop would look like, looks more retro though I think! But once again, stop the large patches of orange at the side!! EEK! 

Here are two hairstyles that I cant chose between, they are pretty similar though... Plus I'm going back to brunette....think it's the safest option. And I'm tempted by the bleach again you must tell me stay the hell away!!!!!! 

I love Alyssa Milano.....I am a huge Charmed fan (one of my many guilty pleasures!) and I was going through my box sets....Season 6 where she chopped her hair off... she still looks absolutely amazing. Just I hope I will look that good when I chop off mine!!!

So there you have it...unless you are really sure and know what you're doing (or dyeing onto natural hair....which usually works but don't quote me!) don't use bleach!!! 

Toodle Pip!



  1. oh dear! have been down this road many times myself... feel with you girl! love the piexie cut... think it will suit you! Have you ever tried the Makeover tool??.. it's brilliant... basically you can try out almost every celeb hairstyle! xxx Marina

    1. I havent tried it no...but I will have to!! I am going to have the colour corrected and condition sorted at the hairdressers because I really want to stay blonde at thats a good thing :) still having a crop though!! xxx