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Sunday, 25 March 2012

MUA Eyelashes Vs Eldora Eyelashes

Hello lovely people :) 

I got rather bored this afternoon and decided to fiddle about with my eyelashes. I currently have a couple of pairs of false ones I haven't tried out yet so I decided I might as well give them a test run. 

First up.... MUA False Eyelashes in Sassy retailing at £2.00
 Ok, so ignore the eye primer I shall do a review of that later on....just focus on the lashes :) 

For only being £2.00 they are really impressive, the band is quite thick but its easy to disguise with some eyeliner. They are quite dramatic so good for a night out. Overall I am quite impressed with these lovelies and I shall be trying some of MUAs other styles :) 

Here they are in to speak :) 

Ok now for the Eldora ones in B142...retailing at £6.95 (i think) although I got these ones free with Faceon Magazine!!

 Firstly it took me nearly half an hour to measure them to my eye...trim them and get them on. NIGHTMARE!! The band is very lightweight and very thin which makes them blend with your natural lash line perfectly but like I said a nightmare to put on. They added volume and length and still looked reasonably natural, they are a style I would wear in day, although for daytime wear I do tend to stick to the individual lashes....but these are really pretty!

I think with a bit more practise I wouldn't have as many problems putting them if you are a dab hand at eyelashes it shouldn't be a problem for you. 

 Ta da!! 

So....overall both are pretty awesome and I will undoubtedly be wearing them both again for upcoming social events :) 

Do any of you use Eldora or MUA lashes? What do you think?

Toodle Pips!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Animal Testing...

I was browsing through twitter today I noticed that MUA cosmetics had retweeted something by a follower stating that they are glad they've discovered them as they recently found that MAC tests on animals....

WHAT?!? MAC tests on animals??!? I had to research this and check it out, all the Yahoo answers and forums suggest that no, MAC do not test on animals, but these are from a either a few months ago or quite a few years ago. So I went to the PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) website as they publish and regularly update a list of who does and who doesn't test on animals. 

Companies who DON'T

Companies who DO

I'm extremely shocked by the amount of companies that do, although there are far far more companies that don't. I also had no idea that it is a LAW to test certain pharmaceuticals and chemicals on animals. 

I feel quite ashamed about not knowing this information and now that I do I'm slightly confused on how to proceed. I do think animal testing for frivolous reasons is wrong, but if the chemicals and things in certain cosmetics are needed to be properly tested by law and apparently animals are the only way to do it...leaves me...extremely conflicted. Some might say we should just then produce entirely vegan cosmetics that contain nothing too harsh. Or pay humans to be tested on. I prefer the second option, it may cost companies a lot more but at least people KNOW what they are putting themselves in for and understand the risks, although I'm sure it's probably not ethical on some level. 

I am slightly confused though....Estee Lauder (who own MAC and various other big beauty names) have said on their FAQ page that they do not test on animals see here, however they are on the list of companies that do. This is probably due to the fact that certain chemicals they use are required by law to be tested on animals. So they can't be 100% cruelty free. Which isn't their fault entirely...


It's all a little confusing to be honest. 

What are your views on animal testing and what do you make of this information I've found?

Toodle Pips!!



Monday, 12 March 2012

My New Hair....and Old hair disasters...!

That's right...the 6th of March has been and gone...and with hair appointment!! 
I was so relieved to finally be sat in the chair, having the amazing and talented Angelina of Hair Design in Banbury, work her magic. I've been going to her for about 6 years now, she is the only person I will trust with my hair. I've had quite a few mishaps with it with previous hairdressers and also with things I've done to it, but she can always, always fix it and make it look great.

One of my major mishaps with a hairdressers was when I was about 17, I had my NUS card because I was at college and they told me it would mean I can get a 20% discount. Yay! So they told me that with the discount my hair cut would only be £24. Bargain. So, she started to cut my hair, if I remember rightly I was having a blunt fringe, layers and it was about shoulder length. But when she finished she hadn't put in the layers properly...I don't know about any of you...but with the ends and layers (unless specifically asked for) they should be sort of feathered right?? Chopped into so the hair flows properly (Very bad description but hopefully you know what I mean) and it was closer to jaw length, the fringe however was ok. The layers looked like steps...she hadn't blended it at all. When I asked her to blend it a bit more she got extremely huffy with me and insisted that this was what I'd asked for (it wasn't) and that her next appointment would be here soon. At 17 I felt really intimidated, so I didn't say anything else and just got up to pay, thinking at least I'm not having to pay full price. So you can imagine my shock when they said that will be £30 please. I stammered and stuttered that I had my NUS card, to which they replied that it doesn't count in December. My face flamed red, I only had the £24 pounds on me....I managed to blurt something about needing to go to the cash machine then because I was told it would only be £24....they just looked down at me and said fine, watching me all the way. In hindsight, and being slightly more ballsy and confident than I was, I should have told them to stick it, it was a rubbish hair cut that I was told a different price for and after all that I'm not paying. But being the honest person I am, I got out more cash (which I couldn't actually afford) and paid. Don't worry, I didn't leave a tip! I then ran home and cried to my mum. Pathetic. She phoned them up and had a major rant and rave.....and they lost quite a few customers through our word of mouth. And a few years later, they closed down anyway!

When I first went to Angelina, it was just after I had got back from living in New Zealand...where I travelled a lot, partied hard, never got a hair cut and generally turned my hair into a giant haystack. Which she managed to transform into a gorgeous chocolatey brown long bob. With a few 'flashes' of blonde in the front. It was sooo lovely. She did everything I asked for and she did it perfectly. So my perfect hair dresser was found!

Fast forward to now: I have wrecked my hair with bleach in the last few months, I have mentioned it on here...I honestly thought it ad gone beyond repair though...and even Angelina was worried about how it would turn out...but she sorted it as I knew she would. It is still stupidly dry after the bleach but she's really worked wonders.....

I decided to go for this look, instead of the ones I'd posted before... I love Agyness Deyn's hair. With a passion. She is the reason I wanted to be blonde. So I thought, why not go for a similar style too...

The finished result (I'm not wearing any make up in these either!) 
front view
front view again
side view

 Hope you like it as much as I do. I really love having short hair at the moment....I was meant to be growing it for the wedding...but naaaaaah! I will welcome any ideas for how to dress it up for my wedding though?!

Toodle Pips

MUA Lipsticks....

As promised some more in depth reviews of individual products!! 
First up from my lovely MUA Haul we have the Lipsticks....
Ok So here we have (from left to right) Shade 14 Bare, Shade 15 juicy and Shade 11. All at only £1!!

 The swatches on my hand are in the same order as the tubes, the one on the very end of the right is the gloss, but I shall be doing a separate blog post about that at another time :) 
As you can see the colour pay off on my hand is really good, they are full of pigment, which for a £1 per lipstick is excellent. 
This is shade 11, when I originally ordered it online I thought it was more of a browny colour, but as you can see it's much more orangey brown or even reddy brown. Still a nice colour though, but not something I'd wear every day, my Mum however really loved it and with her skin tone it looks lovely, so it would suit her for everyday use. 

Shade 14 Bare.... I LOVE THIS, I never really liked neutral lip colours before, but I find myself reaching for this one all the time. I love how moisturising it is! At the moment I'm quite addicted to really heavy eye make up so teaming that with a nude lip is good :) 

Shade 15 Juicy, I also really love this one, its much more corally coloured in real life, very summery, very pretty!!

So there we have it, I would definitely recommend the MUA lipsticks, they are brilliant. Only downfall is you do have to reapply quite a lot as they fade very quickly, but for only £1 I'm quite willing to put up with that!!!

Toodle Pips!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MUA Haul

I've been so excited about doing this post! Although it may not be my best as I am quite poorly at the moment...but here goes nothing :) 

So MUA Cosmetics (Make Up Academy)....are a brilliant purse friendly cosmetics company, their core range are all only a pound. That's right, just a pound!!! They also launched a professional range last year and everything is still under a tenner!! WOOHOO!!! 

Ok now I'm usually quite a sceptic about really really cheap cosmetics, I do worry that they wont be up to scratch...but since I've never seen a bad review for MUA....ANYWHERE... I was extremely excited to give them a go!!! 

 Here's my little bundle!! Overall it only cost me £25.50. Utter bargain considering how much is there and the fact that they are pretty decent quality products!

So we have:
12 Shade Pretty Pastels Palette
12 Shade Heaven and Earth Palette
Blusher in Shades 1, 2 and 4
Bronzer in Shade 1
Mascara in Shade 7 (pink) and Shade 5 (black)
Eye Dust in Shade 5
Pencil Eyeliner in Snow White
Eye Brow Pencil in Brunette
Extreme Felt Eyeliner in Black
False Lashes in Sassy
Eye Primer
Lip Gloss in Shade 3
Lipsticks in Shades 11, 15 (juicy) and 14 (bare)

As I only received my package on Monday I haven't had much chance to test the products out fully yet, but I did have a go at a browny gold smokey eye for my hair appointment yesterday and the pigment in the eye shadows is absolutely awesome! I also used the eye primer and it was so smooth and lovely and made my eyeshadow last all day and took A LOT of cleansing to get it off so I was impressed!!

I will do some proper reviews of a few of the products individually soon as well!!

Toodle Pip!!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Real techniques Brushes

Just a very quickie post, as I haven't actually used them yet, about my new Real Techniques Brushes!!

Basically just to show them off really!!! 

You all probably know they are designed my Samantha Chapman, who's an amazing make up artist and runs an extremely popular make up channel on you tube with her sister Nicola!! 

I bought the 'starter set' which is basically just for the eyes :) They used to only be available on but now Boots stock them!! Although at Boots they are a pound more expensive (but totally and utterly worth it) 

I bought mine in Boots, I had to use extreme self control not to buy the entire collection right there and then!!

But here we go.....

First impressions, they are so soft and pretty. And I definitely love the little case that turns into a stand. Genius!!

Can't Wait to try them out!!!!

Toodle Pip

Faceon Magazine....


So, I'd like to apologise for being away from the laptop for a bit. I've been concentrating on my course and a few other bit and pieces I've had going on. 
My course is going very well by the way and I'm loving every minute of it at the moment!

Ok on to the good stuff!!!

I recently posted about there not being many make up magazines available in the UK. As if by magic some wonderful lady found this post and led me to Faceon Magazine. I went on their site and I squealed. This is exactly what I was looking for!!! So I went ahead and ordered the latest issue, I will also be ordering all the back dated issues as well, it's absolutely fantastic. 

It's a great source of inspiration, and unlike a lot of fashion magazines, there aren't 150 adverts and about 3 articles. It provides you with a list of the make up used for each article, and an interview with the make up artist behind the work. The diversity of the looks is brilliant. 

With this issue you also get a free pair of eldora lashes worth £6.95!!! So that's a major bonus!! 

Their website is also a mine of information, with tutorials and reviews galore. 

One of the best things about actually purchasing the magazine is that its available in either an ebook format or a hard copy glossy mag. I opted for the glossy mag (I love to read in the bath guys, I've mentioned it many many times before) I ordered it on Wednesday and it was popped through my letter box on Friday. excellent!
You also get a little preview before you order, about twelve double pages, just so you can check if you're going to like it (you will)

I think it's an excellent magazine that I for one will be purchasing from now on, the only slight downside is that is seems to be seasonal, so there isn't a magazine every month :( 

Oh just remembered another excellent thing for all you make up artists out there, there is a place on the site where you can submit your work for guys...wrangle your photographer and model friends and get cracking!!!!

Here are some looovely pictures of my copy and my free lashes :) 

Sooooo pretty don't you think!! I haven't tried them out yet, can't wait!!!

Toodle Pip!!