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Monday, 12 March 2012

My New Hair....and Old hair disasters...!

That's right...the 6th of March has been and gone...and with hair appointment!! 
I was so relieved to finally be sat in the chair, having the amazing and talented Angelina of Hair Design in Banbury, work her magic. I've been going to her for about 6 years now, she is the only person I will trust with my hair. I've had quite a few mishaps with it with previous hairdressers and also with things I've done to it, but she can always, always fix it and make it look great.

One of my major mishaps with a hairdressers was when I was about 17, I had my NUS card because I was at college and they told me it would mean I can get a 20% discount. Yay! So they told me that with the discount my hair cut would only be £24. Bargain. So, she started to cut my hair, if I remember rightly I was having a blunt fringe, layers and it was about shoulder length. But when she finished she hadn't put in the layers properly...I don't know about any of you...but with the ends and layers (unless specifically asked for) they should be sort of feathered right?? Chopped into so the hair flows properly (Very bad description but hopefully you know what I mean) and it was closer to jaw length, the fringe however was ok. The layers looked like steps...she hadn't blended it at all. When I asked her to blend it a bit more she got extremely huffy with me and insisted that this was what I'd asked for (it wasn't) and that her next appointment would be here soon. At 17 I felt really intimidated, so I didn't say anything else and just got up to pay, thinking at least I'm not having to pay full price. So you can imagine my shock when they said that will be £30 please. I stammered and stuttered that I had my NUS card, to which they replied that it doesn't count in December. My face flamed red, I only had the £24 pounds on me....I managed to blurt something about needing to go to the cash machine then because I was told it would only be £24....they just looked down at me and said fine, watching me all the way. In hindsight, and being slightly more ballsy and confident than I was, I should have told them to stick it, it was a rubbish hair cut that I was told a different price for and after all that I'm not paying. But being the honest person I am, I got out more cash (which I couldn't actually afford) and paid. Don't worry, I didn't leave a tip! I then ran home and cried to my mum. Pathetic. She phoned them up and had a major rant and rave.....and they lost quite a few customers through our word of mouth. And a few years later, they closed down anyway!

When I first went to Angelina, it was just after I had got back from living in New Zealand...where I travelled a lot, partied hard, never got a hair cut and generally turned my hair into a giant haystack. Which she managed to transform into a gorgeous chocolatey brown long bob. With a few 'flashes' of blonde in the front. It was sooo lovely. She did everything I asked for and she did it perfectly. So my perfect hair dresser was found!

Fast forward to now: I have wrecked my hair with bleach in the last few months, I have mentioned it on here...I honestly thought it ad gone beyond repair though...and even Angelina was worried about how it would turn out...but she sorted it as I knew she would. It is still stupidly dry after the bleach but she's really worked wonders.....

I decided to go for this look, instead of the ones I'd posted before... I love Agyness Deyn's hair. With a passion. She is the reason I wanted to be blonde. So I thought, why not go for a similar style too...

The finished result (I'm not wearing any make up in these either!) 
front view
front view again
side view

 Hope you like it as much as I do. I really love having short hair at the moment....I was meant to be growing it for the wedding...but naaaaaah! I will welcome any ideas for how to dress it up for my wedding though?!

Toodle Pips

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