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Monday, 5 March 2012

Real techniques Brushes

Just a very quickie post, as I haven't actually used them yet, about my new Real Techniques Brushes!!

Basically just to show them off really!!! 

You all probably know they are designed my Samantha Chapman, who's an amazing make up artist and runs an extremely popular make up channel on you tube with her sister Nicola!! 

I bought the 'starter set' which is basically just for the eyes :) They used to only be available on but now Boots stock them!! Although at Boots they are a pound more expensive (but totally and utterly worth it) 

I bought mine in Boots, I had to use extreme self control not to buy the entire collection right there and then!!

But here we go.....

First impressions, they are so soft and pretty. And I definitely love the little case that turns into a stand. Genius!!

Can't Wait to try them out!!!!

Toodle Pip

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