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Monday, 12 March 2012

MUA Lipsticks....

As promised some more in depth reviews of individual products!! 
First up from my lovely MUA Haul we have the Lipsticks....
Ok So here we have (from left to right) Shade 14 Bare, Shade 15 juicy and Shade 11. All at only £1!!

 The swatches on my hand are in the same order as the tubes, the one on the very end of the right is the gloss, but I shall be doing a separate blog post about that at another time :) 
As you can see the colour pay off on my hand is really good, they are full of pigment, which for a £1 per lipstick is excellent. 
This is shade 11, when I originally ordered it online I thought it was more of a browny colour, but as you can see it's much more orangey brown or even reddy brown. Still a nice colour though, but not something I'd wear every day, my Mum however really loved it and with her skin tone it looks lovely, so it would suit her for everyday use. 

Shade 14 Bare.... I LOVE THIS, I never really liked neutral lip colours before, but I find myself reaching for this one all the time. I love how moisturising it is! At the moment I'm quite addicted to really heavy eye make up so teaming that with a nude lip is good :) 

Shade 15 Juicy, I also really love this one, its much more corally coloured in real life, very summery, very pretty!!

So there we have it, I would definitely recommend the MUA lipsticks, they are brilliant. Only downfall is you do have to reapply quite a lot as they fade very quickly, but for only £1 I'm quite willing to put up with that!!!

Toodle Pips!!


  1. Thanks for the swatches. I have nectar and is so pretty.

  2. Was looking for bare in the stores but couldn't find it anywhere! Looks gorgeous though! xx