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Sunday, 25 March 2012

MUA Eyelashes Vs Eldora Eyelashes

Hello lovely people :) 

I got rather bored this afternoon and decided to fiddle about with my eyelashes. I currently have a couple of pairs of false ones I haven't tried out yet so I decided I might as well give them a test run. 

First up.... MUA False Eyelashes in Sassy retailing at £2.00
 Ok, so ignore the eye primer I shall do a review of that later on....just focus on the lashes :) 

For only being £2.00 they are really impressive, the band is quite thick but its easy to disguise with some eyeliner. They are quite dramatic so good for a night out. Overall I am quite impressed with these lovelies and I shall be trying some of MUAs other styles :) 

Here they are in to speak :) 

Ok now for the Eldora ones in B142...retailing at £6.95 (i think) although I got these ones free with Faceon Magazine!!

 Firstly it took me nearly half an hour to measure them to my eye...trim them and get them on. NIGHTMARE!! The band is very lightweight and very thin which makes them blend with your natural lash line perfectly but like I said a nightmare to put on. They added volume and length and still looked reasonably natural, they are a style I would wear in day, although for daytime wear I do tend to stick to the individual lashes....but these are really pretty!

I think with a bit more practise I wouldn't have as many problems putting them if you are a dab hand at eyelashes it shouldn't be a problem for you. 

 Ta da!! 

So....overall both are pretty awesome and I will undoubtedly be wearing them both again for upcoming social events :) 

Do any of you use Eldora or MUA lashes? What do you think?

Toodle Pips!

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