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Monday, 2 April 2012

Yay for the lovely weather!!

I've been very bad and have seriously neglected the blogesphere lately. I haven't read any or updated my own in awhile and I feel quite bad. 

But the weather in my little part of the world has been rather amazing (for March and April) so I've been taking full advantage of that :) 

Which leads me to this mini post of....EVERYONE LOOKS GOOD IN A PAIR OF SUNNIES!!! 

I have noticed so many people on facebook and twitter uploading their 'yay look its sunny pics' and everyone looks great. The sunshine, the effortlessness of donning a pair of sunglasses and looking like a celeb. Love it. 

So here as my...yay look its sunny pictures :) 

 Hope you've all been enjoying the weather too!!

Toodle Pips!!

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