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Monday, 2 April 2012

Eylure Brow Palette

Time to review a new purchase :) My eyebrows are currently the bane of my existence and are a constant annoyance....I have been using pencil to fill them in a lengthen them but find that it comes out quite dark..which with my current choice of bright white blonde hair can be extremely shocking. So....I had a little look see at different eyebrow palettes and powders and what not...and finally decided to test out the eylure one. Now I've not seen this on any blogs or anything  so it was a chance to look at something with a completely blank slate. 

the little handbag size palette

inside you have a light powder, dark powder, wax and highlighter as well as an angled brush and mascara wand for the wax, plus stencils

better view of the different stencils

It's a really cute little package and what I like best is that it comes with both light and dark shades which you can then blend to make you ideal brow shade :) I also like the highlighter aspect too as I haven't seen many kits that come with that :) 

So I've only used it once so far and haven't tried out the stencils the yet, but so far so good. I mixed my own custom shade, although my brows are a little darker than I'd like they are a lot lighter than when I do it with a pencil, a lot softer and more natural looking too (which you expect with powder) 

before :)

after :)
Ta da!!  

Would definitely recommend this palette and at £10.99 its good value as you do get both the light and dark powders :) 

I got mine from Boots. :) 

Can anyone else recommend any good eyebrow products they have??

Toodle Pips 

Yay for the lovely weather!!

I've been very bad and have seriously neglected the blogesphere lately. I haven't read any or updated my own in awhile and I feel quite bad. 

But the weather in my little part of the world has been rather amazing (for March and April) so I've been taking full advantage of that :) 

Which leads me to this mini post of....EVERYONE LOOKS GOOD IN A PAIR OF SUNNIES!!! 

I have noticed so many people on facebook and twitter uploading their 'yay look its sunny pics' and everyone looks great. The sunshine, the effortlessness of donning a pair of sunglasses and looking like a celeb. Love it. 

So here as my...yay look its sunny pictures :) 

 Hope you've all been enjoying the weather too!!

Toodle Pips!!