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Friday, 3 February 2012

Hello lovely people!! 

So as I told you it was my belated birthday celebrations on Wednesday night and I had planned to have a fire in the garden.....WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

It felt like below freezing even in my wonderfully warm fluffy coat. Also with the awful wind the logs just wouldn't stay alight....but despite all this I was determined to persevere.....I ended up with numb hands and some extremely burnt on the outside uncooked on the inside sausages.....

Imy and Jodie

 This is the beginning of the night before I'd put my little one to bed, having a cuddle with her auntie Jodie :)
 My devoted hubby to be lighting the fire...or at least lighting the kindling anyway!!

The fire, trying its hardest to get going!

Me posing in my big fluffy coat, my bag of logs going to waste in the corner :(

In the end we resorted to ordering from dominos!! The online 55555 deal...that's 5 awesome pizzas for £5.55 each! Woohoo!!

(although after consuming all that pizza I will definitely need to be hitting the zumba very hard this week)

 and some silly ones of my and you can see I loved my hat a lot that night!

In other news I am still awaiting my glossybox after signing up on Tuesday this week. I cannot wait to get it!!

Who else gets glossybox and is it amazing??

Toodle pip

 p.s all that standing in the cold last night has seriously ruined my lips! I've been using aloe vera Vaseline today but its just not cutting it. Anyone have any recommendations???

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  1. Carmex is the ONLY thing that cures chapped lips - the original not Cherry xx