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Saturday, 4 February 2012

I'm Getting Married.....!

After giving notice at my local registry office on confirmation from Brighton came through today!!! My wedding date is officially booked!!

So that means I need to get a shift on with my invites....and here they are:

I made them all by myself! Our theme colours are gold and champagne. 

I've got a couple more to make, and the inserts to print and then I can finally send them out. 
I'm quite proud of them, especially my little RSVP cards. 

They open out and have a little pocket to contain all the extra information.

Also MORE IMPORTANTLY I have to decide how to have my make up and hair!!!

Which means a chance to buy LOTS more products and testing them out and getting your lovely opinions :)

I really quite fancy having a striking red lip...but don't know if its appropriate for the big day. Any thoughts?

Toodle pip!!


p.s I'm in the middle of arranging a summer photo shoot to update my blog, bulk my portfolio and provide some tips and tutorials :)  

p.p.s I'm still waiting on my glossybox....who has had their January one already? What did they think?

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