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Monday, 6 February 2012


My GLOSSYBOX finally arrived today!!!

I am seriously impressed with it. Even the outer packaging is pretty.


I think I might have slightly freaked out my post lady, as I screamed and jumped up and down when I answered the door and saw this little beauty in her hand....

Moving on to the actual box and the contents!

Absolutely gorgeous I think you'll agree!! The presentation is perfect. I am a real sucker for packaging, as I've mentioned before, and this is packaging heaven!!! 
I'm not usually a hoarder and I tend to throw away boxes and things, but there is no way I could possibly even throw away the black packaging, let alone the actual pink box (I LOVE pink, I'm sure I'll find a use for it somewhere!) 

I have tested a few of the products already, so I'll give you a closer look at them and show you what I've done :) 

So first we have the Clarins extra firming day and night creams. It not being night time...I haven't used the night time one yet. 

So the day cream. Bliss. Pure bliss going onto my face. I've always loved Clarins face creams. I haven't been using them lately and after receiving this sample I have no idea why. So I will definitely be purchasing the bigger version! As I've only used it once I cant really comment on its firming abilities just yet, but after using it all up in a week or so ( a little goes a long way and it really soak itself into the skin) I hope to see a little improvement around the eyes perhaps! 

So this gets a Bollars Brilliance score of 10/10!!!!

 So moving onto to the Murad Skin perfecting primer...I don't tend to use primer all that often, but thought I'd give it a go. I do love the little pump action bottle it came in. Very cute indeed. The consistency was quite runny, and it glided onto my skin perfectly. As you can see from the swatch, I was a little worried it might be a tad dark. But as you can see its blended in perfectly and left my skin feeling really smooth. On a good skin day I'd definitely just wear this without bothering with with foundation. I've also used it on my face today as a base and its worked perfectly, my make up has really been given that extra staying power!

Ok next up! We have the First Aid Beauty body moisturiser!
I haven't actually used this one yet. I do really like the packaging :) but I'm not that keen on the smell..hoping it will smell a bit better once on the skin. 

 And finally...The Eyeko London skinny eyeliner, in midnight blue. Love, Love, LOVE this! Firstly the actual pencil itself is so stylish and pretty. It actually reminds me a little of 1920's cigarette holder. It glides onto the eyes really smoothly. I normally find that pencils can be a bit rough, even when sharpened all the time, but this was brilliant. 
I do like the colour, a dark navy blue, but I have loved a black or dark olive green :) 

Here it is in action as it were
 I've gone for quite a heavy look, outlining the whole eye. For a night out I do like to use a lot of eyeliner :) 

I also did my whole face using the moisturiser, primer and eyeliner. To complete my look I've also used Garnier daily all in one BB cream, Garnier anti-dark circles eye roll on (being a mum I don't get much sleep!) Maxfactor lash extension effect mascara in black and (my favourite) Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap&Glory in yummy plum!
Excuse my hair! Its in desperate need of a cut and colour!! 

Another gorgeous little touch was the free sweetie!!! 
Really cute idea and a personal touch to let your customers know you care. Love it. Unfortunately the sweetie itself has been long since demolished by my daughter!!

But as she is so scrummy and wonderful I'll let her get away with stealing it! Haha!

Toodle Pip!!



  1. In a word gutted that I cancelled my bloomin Glossy Box sub back in Dec :( This box looks to be their best yet. You're so lucky getting the Clarins and the Murad looks so interesting. I'm getting my first Jolie Box next week I will be doing a review on my blog for that one. xx

  2. I was wondering what other boxes were out there so will be looking forward to that post!!! :) xxxxxxxx