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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It was my birthday last week.....

and now I'm old...if you count 24 as old. 

Anyway....I really wanted to share what my lovely brother in law to be (I'm getting married in September!) and his lovely fiancee bought me!!

 I've named him Percy....:D isn't he cute?!

For those of you who don't have a clue what it is...I'll tell you. Its a decopatch piggy bank. I had never done it before....what they got me was, my little Percy, the glue/varnish you can see in the pink bottle and some special papers.

The idea is to use the papers to cover can get A LOT of different things...just check out and see! The glue is special as it also acts as a water tight varnish and the end result is awesome as you can see! 

I loved it so much.......

I used my left over papers to decorate my side table!!! Although now I do need to order some more...or pop down to hobbycraft!

p.s ignore the black sharpie graffiti, I did that a few years ago and its become very warn as I forgot to varnish it!! 

Toodle pip!! xx

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  1. I'll be 27 this year... now that's getting old ;) hehe xxx