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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hello Lovely People!!!!

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Means a lot. 

Secondly, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Lauren. Most of what you need to know is in my profile! 

And thirdly......I'm going to kick of this blog with a review of a product by one of my favourite brands Soap and Glory. I've only recently started using their products and boy am I hooked. They are perfect and suit my skin down to the ground. Which is difficult generally as I have quite sensitive skin and am extremely spot prone (boo :( ) 

So here it is......THE FAB PORE HOT CLOTH CLEANSER!!!!

What the box says: CLEAN OVER BACKWARDS: Squeeze out a generous splodge of the FAB PORE HOT CLOTH CLEANSER divide it between the pads of your fingers, and then massage onto your face and neck for at least sixty seconds (concentrate most on your nose, chin, or other clog-prone spots.)
Leave on for another minute, then press it all off with warm, wet muslin cloth.

Now, I've been using this every day, twice a day for over a week....I used to have many many clogged pores and black heads all round my chin, nose and forehead..and now POOF they've see a difference after the very first wash! I was amazed, utterly amazed as nothing I've ever used has worked that well before.

I especially love that they provide the little muslin cloth in the box. 

You will also find I'm a sucker for pretty packaging...and Soap and Glory have to do some of the prettiest packaging around. 

For only 10 squids (that's 10 British pounds in case you wondered) I'd say its definitely worth every single little penny!!

*please note, I purchased this item with my own money and this is a totally honest review!

So who else is in love with everything Soap and Glory?!

Toodle pip!!!

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