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Monday, 5 March 2012

Faceon Magazine....


So, I'd like to apologise for being away from the laptop for a bit. I've been concentrating on my course and a few other bit and pieces I've had going on. 
My course is going very well by the way and I'm loving every minute of it at the moment!

Ok on to the good stuff!!!

I recently posted about there not being many make up magazines available in the UK. As if by magic some wonderful lady found this post and led me to Faceon Magazine. I went on their site and I squealed. This is exactly what I was looking for!!! So I went ahead and ordered the latest issue, I will also be ordering all the back dated issues as well, it's absolutely fantastic. 

It's a great source of inspiration, and unlike a lot of fashion magazines, there aren't 150 adverts and about 3 articles. It provides you with a list of the make up used for each article, and an interview with the make up artist behind the work. The diversity of the looks is brilliant. 

With this issue you also get a free pair of eldora lashes worth £6.95!!! So that's a major bonus!! 

Their website is also a mine of information, with tutorials and reviews galore. 

One of the best things about actually purchasing the magazine is that its available in either an ebook format or a hard copy glossy mag. I opted for the glossy mag (I love to read in the bath guys, I've mentioned it many many times before) I ordered it on Wednesday and it was popped through my letter box on Friday. excellent!
You also get a little preview before you order, about twelve double pages, just so you can check if you're going to like it (you will)

I think it's an excellent magazine that I for one will be purchasing from now on, the only slight downside is that is seems to be seasonal, so there isn't a magazine every month :( 

Oh just remembered another excellent thing for all you make up artists out there, there is a place on the site where you can submit your work for guys...wrangle your photographer and model friends and get cracking!!!!

Here are some looovely pictures of my copy and my free lashes :) 

Sooooo pretty don't you think!! I haven't tried them out yet, can't wait!!!

Toodle Pip!!

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